Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hello again everyone! Over the past week here at Macalester classes have certainly picked up, and the amount of homework, essay writing, and studying I have been doing nearly doubled. However, what you would probably like to read about, and what I would certainly prefer to write about, is the fun stuff.

First on the order of fun things that have hapenned in the past week, parents' weekend took place last weekend! Although my parents did not make the 2,000 mile trip here, I was adopted by a loving and generous surrogate family who made me completely forget about any homesickness whatsoever. Later in the weekend, there were two terrific concerts featuring a bunch of different Mac musical groups. The jazz band, coming off a concert guest artist and pianist extraordinaire Uri Caine, headlined night one (can you tell I'm biased?), followed by Flyin' Fingers (the folk group), and the three acapella groups. The Sirens, all female, Scotch Tape, mixed, and the Trads, who were completely unpriginal and not the least bit eccentric: the orchestra and the African Music Ensemble played on night two.

For me, these concerts were not so much about showcasing musical talent and great groups, not that there wasn't an abundance of talented people, but rather what impacted me most was the sense of energy and community these groups create on campus. Even though it was a parent-oriented show, the number of students in the crowd showing support and livening up the show was made it a true Mac event for me. The more I get to know the school, the more I have come to realize that these campus events really do signify something to people, and that there is a distinct feeling of support and communal appreciation each time someone puts in the effort to create an event like this.

That's all for now because I have a global mega quiz on every world leader and his or her mother to study for. Maybe next time I can bring myself to write about the more serious stuff. Or not.