Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hello, all!

For my first post I'll just introduce myself and give brief description of my time at Mac so far.

My name is Michael Costigan-Humes and I'm from Schnecksville, Pa (between Philadelphia and New York City). I decided to come to Mac over some other liberal arts schools, mainly Vassar, Grinnell, and Bucknell. So far I have been thrilled with my choice!

Upon arriving at Mac I was nervous, naturally, but within an hour I already felt comfortable. My roommate's father attended Mac and he knows the cities well so my mother and I went on a small tour of the cities with my roommate's family. If you do take the chance to visit Mac, or Minnesota for that matter, you'll surely encounter "Minnesota Nice." It's a phenomenon that shocks an East Coast-raised kid. When shopping for everything imaginable for my dorm room I found that everyone, whether a stranger or a store employee, was willing to help. This kindness does not stop once you enter the Macalester bubble, either. The student body as a whole is quite kind and I truly do believe that people enjoy their studies and friendships here at Mac. I can certainly say that I do.

Well, until next week, enjoy one more week of college research!