Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oana & Lia -- First Impressions

Macalester. Is. Awesome.

In fact, Macalester is SO awesome, that here we are, at 01:37 am, still up, working on our homework. As usual.

Let us introduce ourselves. We are Oana and Lia! We’re currently only writing from Oana’s blog, because Lia has been too busy texting and has been having technological difficulties accessing her blog. Oana has no excuse. Okay, so she’s had a terrible fever (with the accompanying fatigue, wobbliness, coughing) this entire weekend, which she hypotheses began the Thursday night she decided she was too tired to attend the Model UN meeting. The guilt just got to her, and she was stricken to her bed for 3 days. But then again, that was only because she was emotionally crippled from pulling several all nighters in a row.....

So anyway, let’s talk about.. SEX! Just kidding. This is not your high school health class, and we don’t have any bananas or condoms. Or cucumbers. (These are the unfortunate side effects of having to complete an 8-hour online module about sexual assault and consent. We will move on now.)

The point of this blog is to tell you about our first impressions of our beautiful college. As you might have noticed, the academic program at Macalester is certainly rigorous, but don’t let that scare you, because it’s also super fun and stimulating.

Since our profiles are not quite set up yet, we’ll give you a quick introduction to who we are and what our Mac experience has been thus far.

Oana is jealous of Lia’s typing abilities...so characteristic of American kids bred in U .S. schools. Wait...Oana's not American? As her name indicates (pronounced like Wana, à propos), she is Romanian, but she moved to the Unit ed States five years ago. She is a hardcore romantic who adores foreign languages. Her favorite thing about Macalester so far is the international perspective apparent in everything--from her classes, to the food, to her friends.

Lia is from a very small town in Pennsylvania and is also attracted to Macalester’s internationalism and diversity...and herself. She has beautiful curly hair (says Oana).

Macalester’s internationalism is not all hype; you can literally walk from one side of the cafeteria to the other and hear five different languages in the span of two minutes.

What don’t we love about Mac, you may ask? Well, nothing... except the weather. It was beautiful for about a month, then somehow managed to turn from summer to wint er in two hours. Allright, not two hours... maybe three or four. Make sure you buy winter clothes--Minnesota weather is no joke.

Well, thi s is about enough for now. We’ll be back next week with updates about how we survived the all nighter we’re about to pull..... Goodnight all :)