Monday, November 2, 2009

All That There is to Do

You may be surprised at what you find yourself doing after a few weeks here at Mac.

There are classes, yes. And of course there are student organizations. But what may surprise you, and what certainly surprised me, was finding out just how much more worthwhile unstructured time is versus structured time. Having a schedule can be comforting, and there's lots to learn in the classroom, but I've gleaned so much from just walking around campus, around the city, and through the sheer chance of an encounter.

It's not every day, for instance, that you find someone playing guitar on the stairs of a dorm at 11:00 p.m., or see sheep get herded across the Campus Center lawn. I've had discussions about heteronormativity in friends' rooms over hot tea, gone on four-mile walks during the wee hours of the morning, and even had three snowball fights in one day. And through it all I've made wonderful connections and learned about things that I never would have known of otherwise. You'd be amazed how many times one finds their conversations transitioning from something ridiculous to something concerning politics, current issues, or a theory from the day's class, and how interesting academics can become within the informal setting of a lounge or a lunch table.

At first, when I came to Mac, I was afraid that I would feel stupid around everyone else. But that soon ended and I found myself discussing enthusiastically with my peers about anything from racial identities and neo-liberalism to "shoe fencing" and the legal rights of zombies. Sometimes the things that are unplanned and unexpected are the most fun and the most intellectually stimulating. Mac keeps me busy, but I still always find time to be spontaneous.

So give it a try! It takes very little to make every day an adventure.