Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fall Break and Everything in Between

Hey, it's Oana and Lia again!

Life is still grand here at Macalester. We just had our fall break (which was WAY too short!) and are about to get back into... academics. So, for this week’s blog, we thought we would let you know what fall break here at Mac is all about.

It is definitely relaxing having two days off. We decided to get off campus and explore the cities. Lia wandered the streets of St. Paul with her friends and started rehearsal for a group dance she is performing for the MIO (Macalester International Organization) show. Over the course of the week, Oana took her boyfriend to every Starbucks in the downtowns of the Twin Cities and around, as they were desperately seeking shelter from the pouring rain. They tried Bread and Chocolate (where there were no chocolate

products!!) on Grand Av. and a bunch of other little hippie spots.

Since Halloween happened to occur over fall break this year, Macalester suited up early for the holiday, hanging spiderwebs everywhere and providing candy corn at every entrance. Nature got in the groove of things—carpets of luminous leaves covering the exquisite earth with their golden beauty, and the sun shining through the brisk mornings (Oana is feeling poetic today...)... Anyway.

Eventually, on Wednesday, Café Mac got into the Halloween spirit, offering a delicious sundae bar and caramel apples. By then, everyone was pretty much ready to get their midterms over with, and there was an air of excitement around campus.

There was a costume party in Kagin ballroom Wednesday night, and on Friday, there was the Trail of Terror. And, of course, on Saturday.... we don’t have to tell you! :) Let’s just say, Macalester students come up with some pretty unique costumes, and have lots of F to the U to the N.

Now that we’ve had our Fergalicious moment there, we should mention that Sunday is just as any other Sunday, rushing to get homework done, as fall break fades into mere memory..... only three weeks until Thanksgiving, baby!

Well, as always, homework and Morpheus are conjuring us. We will return next week!

Until then,


P.S. Check out Lia gazing into the horizon, at the Mississippi River, in St. Paul (as the wind flutters her darling curls). Then check out us girlies here at Mac (in artsy black and white) :) And finally, there's Oana with the sacred bus ticket, that is certain to become your good friend if you come to Mac.