Monday, November 9, 2009

Insomnia, you win

For some odd reason I find myself wide awake at 5 am. At 12 I got into bed. I went to bed feeling well prepared for my french and anthropology exams that I have in a few hours, yet somehow my body wouldn't let me fall asleep. I got really annoyed because I haven't had this problem since middle school, where I'd often find myself reading until 3 in the morning because of "un-channeled energy."

Now, I know the problem. I, a coffee addict, have been doing a great job of limiting myself lately, yet somehow I regressed today. I'm not sure if it's caffeine at this point though. It got to the point where I was so bothered with my inability to sleep that I got out of bed and went to the bathroom because I simply was so sick of laying. En route I saw a few people in the lounge. It was 3 am. I see these kids everyday and I had no idea that they frequently stayed up so late. "I take a few naps a day" and "I have only afternoon classes" were my answers when I inquired why they were awake. Though I do enjoy a nap once in a while I certainly don't depend on them. And I have a french exam at 830 so I certainly wasn't planning on sleeping in.

This, I believe, was my turing point. I noticed how these kids were actually being productive in the Turck 4 lounge (Turck is a dorm-- may I add, the best freshmen dorm), which is an insane rarity. I then realized it's because the only distraction they have is to go to sleep. And, well, that's the best distraction I could think of at 3 am. So, to my room to do homework I went. In the past two hours I've tackled a very solid amount of work. I checked over my ever-important econ problem set and worked extensively on a political theory paper. Then I prepared a little more for french and anthro (remember... those exams in a few hours). I plan on reading and studying until breakfast. If I get a lot of work done now then I can sleep while everyone else is going through the grind of the monday workload tomorrow.

So, insomnia, I welcome you. Well, not really, but I'll take it.