Thursday, November 12, 2009

Registration, Sleep Deprivation, Relaxation

Hello out there! I hope the past week has treated you all well. I have a novel concept for this post: I am actually going to have a dedicated focus. Well, two dedicated foci (you can't ask too much of me). Lately, my mind has been occupied by two things: registration, which is fairly straightforward, and the Fresh Concepts 24 Hour Estravaganza!, which may take some more explanation.

Fresh Concepts is Macalester College's one and only improv comedy group (I included some a picture this time!), and since I joined in September, I think I've mentioned it in every one of my posts. What can I say, it's pretty super. Anyway, in t-minus 5 hours, the concepts will be putting on a show for 24 hours! This means tonight 8PM to Friday 8PM, which is legitimate insanity. For the record: no there will be no sleep breaks, yes we will be smuggling food back from Cafe Mac (shhh), and yes I will be taking my stat quiz on 2:20 on Friday on no sleep. While the notion of a show like this, which is a longstanding tradition, completely freaked me out at first, I have come to see it as an opportunity. It is an opportunity to separate myself from the normal stresses of the school/work week and have a wholly justifiable reason to zone out. Not to mention its going to be funny. Very funny.

Another thing that has been on my mind is registering for classes. As a freshman, I feel no pressure to be locked into a major or anything silly like that, but I do feel considerable pressure to be in search of one. I have no idea what I want to do/be/occupy my time with, and as much everyone has told me that that is OK, it's time to put some though into my future. What's making it easier is that there is an incredible assortment of classes from which to choose. Here is a short list of classes I am dying to take, one day (Prereqs come first!):
- Spanish in the Workplace (may have to wait til next year because its a 400 level course).
- Immprovisation and the Creative Impulse (music)
- Intro to Linguistics (what do Linguistics majors do anyway? Guess I'll find out)
- Intro to Human Rights (to get my Kofi Annon on)
- Intro to Portuguese!! (sexiest language ever)
- Texts in the Media (an HMCS course)
There's some more, but I'm too overwhelmed right now to narrow it down more.

Anyway, now you all have a view into my overactive mind. I plan on sleeping all day Saturday, so perhaps after that I'll calm down a bit. Unlikely, but one can hope.
Til next post, Ryan