Monday, December 7, 2009

The Winter Ball @ the Mill City Museum: Educational and Fun!

This weekend, my roommate was my date to Macalester's Winter Ball at the Mill City Museum in Minneapolis. The ball cost $5 but it was well worth it considering we got free champagne flukes as souvenirs and they had museum tours running all night and a live funk band.

This was the first really big dance event in my own Macalester history that was off campus and it doesn't surprise me that it sold out.

Some of my friends aren't the "ball" type, I guess but my roommate, Kaija made an excellent date. We had a great time dressing up and dancing the night away in quite a trendy renovated factory space that was once the Gold City Mill for flour. We got to go on a tour of the mill and hear about it's history. It felt kind of weird to take a tour at night, in fancy dress clothes but we enjoyed it anyway, after getting over the initial strangeness of the whole thing. Night at the museum indeed!

Above, here's a picture of Kaija (left) and me (right) very excited about using these blocks to put together a cool scale model of the mill. Good thing we had smocks because the model river at water running in it and we definitely didn't want to get our pretty party dresses all messy!

On the left is me assembling a bridge...Not wearing my smock tsk tsk. Good thing I didn't get anything on this dress because I borrowed it from a friend back home. :)

This last picture on the right is Kaija and me dancing our hearts out before the ball ended at 1am. I made this my facebook profile picture to remind myself all the way through finals what a fun night we had together
before hitting the books the next morning.