Friday, January 29, 2010

Glad to Be Back

I never thought 0 degrees Farenheit would ever feel so good! As I sit and look out my dorm window at the misleadingly sunny day before me, I cannot help but feel like I've returned to a place of solace, in a sense. The second semester is underway and most everyone is more excited than ever to be at Macalester.
I, for one, have made some pretty drastic changes since last semester. I have a new job, four new classes, new places to hang out and explore, and much more. I feel as though I am settling in to some sort of Mac lifestyle.

One thing I learned about Macalester over break is that, for a small school especially, we have an incredibly spread out student body. I'm from the San Francisco area, and I was able to recapture a bit of the Mac experience by getting together with some of my besties over break. This was a great experience because it is often not until you leave a place and are removed from all that you loved about it that you can really appreciate it. The contrast between home and Macalester (a contrast I had plenty of time to think about it over my month long break) reminded me of everything I had come to Mac for, and gave me an overwhelming sense of self-assurance. I think this feeling is pretty similar to what a lot of students feel in their first down time from making a big lifestyle change.

Anyway, as the semester gets going a little more I'll start up my list of things to know before you arrive on campus. I am by no means done extolling the virtues of the freebies they give out at the Health and Wellness Center.
A little preview of next time ... Which professor is Santa Claus, Ebenezer Scrooge, and your Grandpa all at once? David Lanegran of course! But more on that next time ...