Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Back at Mac

It's nice to be back! As other people have said, the adjustment to college life the second time around is much easier, if not seamless. I was nervous about missing family/friends after being home for 5 weeks, and I did (and still do) miss them, but seeing my Mac friends again was so refreshing that I really was happy to be back.

I had to shop for classes the first week since there was one class I wanted to drop. This was a bit of a pain, especially thanks to the large size of class 2013, (though hopefully you upcoming freshmen won't have this issue) but now my schedule's fixed and I'm starting to settle in. I'm not getting too comfortable, though... my Psych test today was quite the rude awakening. I essentially had to memorize 9 pages of notes. Horrible! But that's over and done with, and the test itself wasn't too bad. I'm definitely looking forward to getting sleep tonight!

"Welcome back week" had some fun activities. Mac supplied a bus to a snow tubing park on Saturday. I didn't go, but I know some friends who did, and they said it was a blast. The highlight of the week for me was the hypnotist. It was a RIOT! Several friends on my floor volunteered/were selected to be hypnotized. They doubted the hypnotism would work, but boy it sure did! My stomach hurt from laughing so hard for almost an hour and a half straight. At one point the hypnotist made everyone think they were nude models, and they began doing some outrageous poses (with their clothes still on). It was hilarious.

Until next week,