Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Evanescent Evening Events

Not sure why I chose to use evanescent in the title, but I've discovered that people like reading things that are alliterated. So maybe you'll read this.

This past Saturday, my friend and I had the opportunity to go see Macbeth at the Guthrie Theater. Not only were we excited to go see a show, but that combined with fact that we're both seniors wading through the tricky marshes of our honors projects and rarely have time to go out and do purely FUN things anymore made us ecstatic. The prospect of an evening out was too much to pass up--so we did it in style.

I'm not sure if you've noticed this or not, but the trend in theaters these days is to dress down. Like, super super down. A semi-nice pair of jeans is apparently acceptable. Not for Maggie and me, however--we dressed like we were going to job interviews. It felt delightful (because let's face it, the Winter Ball and Founders' Day are only two days out of the year, and some of us like dressing up a lot).

Even better than being dressed up at the theater was using public transportation to get there, and briskly walking around downtown Minneapolis in our nice shoes. We felt so fancy, so young, so was a good taste of what we're hoping life might be like next year. (Maybe.) We walked into the theater right on time, were shown our seats (front row?!?!?!), and had a lovely time at the show.

I won't talk about Macbeth itself--you can read reviews online, and everyone will have a different opinion, so you might as well try and see it yourself. (But be warned--there is no intermission.)

After the show, we wandered around the theater. The Guthrie is a landmark in the Twin Cities, and for good reason. It's an incredible building in an incredible location, as well as being a good theater. One part of it, the Endless Bridge, has huge windows that look out over the Mississippi River and St. Anthony Falls. When we wandered out that way, our breath basically stopped. The river was rushing past over the falls, downtown was entirely lit up, the Stone Arch bridge slowly stretched across the water--we were both, for a moment, realizing what we were going to be leaving behind next semester. Of course, that was a brief moment, because the next emotion was absolute joy at the hope of spring that we could feel in the surprisingly warm air.

We eventually left and lightrailed it home. It was a successful evening--going out, being off campus for a bit, remembering that we're going to eventually/maybe/hopefully be doing that all the time--but seeing the stoplight at the intersection of Grand and Snelling when we got back to Macalester will always feel good, even if it just means that we're coming home.