Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy New Year from Oana and Lia! Yes, we know it's a month late.... but winter break has been long and we just got back to wonderful Mac last Sunday, where things are already surprisingly busy. It was good to be able to spend the winter holidays with family and friends, but by the third week (or maybe even the second.... or okay, realistically, the second half of the first week....) we were hardcore missing Macalester.

Lia went home to little ol' PA and basically slept the break away, occasionally making hot chocolate for frigid (and very attractive) snowboarders as part of her winter job. Oana's break was WAY more exciting- don't be jealous or anything, but she spent her Christmas in France with her Frenchman..... The remainder of her break was spent in her home in the D (if you don't catch the reference, YouTube “So Cold in the D”.... you will understand. And be SUPER "jealous" that Oana lives there). To get back on track, it is definitely worth mentioning that while most of us didn't get to go home until a few days before Christmas, Mac's winter break is anywhere from 4 to 5 weeks long. This offers opportunities for those of you who are more motivated to, say, take advantage of the time and take a class, do an internship, or save the world......

But now that we are back, things are hectic, as the first week or two always seem to be. Students are class shopping, since we have 2 weeks to add or drop a class. This is great, because even if you didn't get exactly the classes you wanted when you registered, there is a big chance you'll be able to enroll in them once you get back (a great consolation for freshmen or people whose last names start with letters towards the end of the alphabet). Many professors are more than willing to put you on the waiting list, and chances are somebody will decide to opt out of the class. In that case, you are able to find the right fit of classes for the semester.

Now a few words about clubs and orgs at Mac: In high school, you may be used to clubs functioning all year round, but that is usually not the case here, where most clubs start anew in the spring semester. For freshmen, who may feel too overwhelmed (or too independent) in the first semester to participate in extracurriculars, this is good news.... A chance to live up to those New Year's Resolutions of joining an intramural sport, volunteering, or joining a fun club!

Well, this sums up our first blog of 2010.... look for our blogs on Tuesdays from now on, and best of luck with finishing any applications you may have left. A friendly tip from two girls at Mac (uhh, us...): If in doubt about what to write on your Mac app, don't hesitate to say you just want to save the world or become a global citizen (I mean, oftentimes, Mac kids really do!)

Buenas noches!


Lia and Oana