Thursday, February 11, 2010

The List is Back

After a couple of off-topic, indulgent weeks on my part, I have decided to bring back my list of "things to know about Mac before you even get here" for one final installment. This time around, however, I am a more seasoned veteran of Macalester affairs than last semester, so there might be some new insights thrown in. Also, I started this list specifically to inform those who might no be able to visit Mac in person for financial or whatever other reason, and I would like to stick to that sentiment because I believe that it is very important. However, if any of this info is repetitive to those of you who can visit, you can at least laugh at my awkward this-isn't-formally-academic-so-I-dont't-know-how-to-write-it-phrasing. Case in point.

And now for the final edition:

1. The number of visiting lecturers, artists, etcetera is STAGGERING:

Mac brings in an astonishing number of highly qualified guest lecturers, musicians, clinicians, and other presenters. From the annual International Roundtable put on by the Institute for Global Citizenship, to weekly Envirothursdays to discuss environmental issues, there is never a day void of intellectual stimulation. For sure, whatever academic stone left unturned by the Mac community itself (which are few), that stone will be scrutinized heavily by visiting scholars. Already this year we have had Julian Bond, Uri Caine of the Philadelphia Experiment, and Ira Glass of NPR among others. These presentations are not only academic, but also include spoken word, theater, and interactive events, as well.

2. Mac does, in fact, have a student lounge:

And it has free popcorn. Nuff' said.
But I'll elaborate anyway. The student lounge has pool tables, ping pong, a wide assortment of board games (including my personal fave Taboo), super-cool student workers, and comfy couches. Not to mention the largest TV I have ever seen in person. The lounge is a great place to come and hang out, or even during off peak hours get a bit of work done. It's open til midnight everynight, which is an added bonus.

3. When it snow's it might be cold, but it looks really really nice from a cozy dorm room window!