Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Mac "Groove"

So I have to admit, I almost considered abandoning my posting duties for the week due to severe blogger's block. I feel like I have already talked about all of the things that I do here at Mac! While I was having a mini existensial crisis about whether my life was a series of deja-vu moments, a co-worker of mine suggested that I simply post about getting into a rhythm at Mac.

There are many different types of Mac lifestyles. There are the adventurous types, who dabble in all sorts of different organizations. These are the students who will seemingly try any activity or attend any club meeting just to "check it out". As much as I would like to claim to be an adventurous Fighting Scot, I am most definitely not.

My preferred Mac lifestyle is what I will call the "groove". I have gotten into a rhythm here at Mac. I am consistently involved in groups that I care about and have a sense of loyalty to, and this has served me well. It is easy to fall into an undesirable routine, or the get stuck in a rut. However, I believe that here at Macalester, it is just as easy to choose your routine and be active in the organization of your daily life.

So, whether you were the student in high school in every yearbook club photo (you know who you are) or you just want to find what is "right" for you and stick with it, Mac definitely has something to offer to every involved student.