Monday, February 22, 2010

The Olympics on Turck 3

It has always been a sort of tradition to watch the Olympics with my family, so when I realized that the 2010 Winter Olympics would occur while I was at college, I was a little disappointed. But on the first night of the Olympics, I watched the Opening Ceremonies in the Turck 3 (my dorm/floor) lounge, and I soon realized that I wouldn't be watching alone. Plenty of people on the floor shared my interest in the Olympics. People continued to watch each night, and I happily joined them.

Last Sunday, we actually used some of the money from the Turck 3 floor budget to cook/host our own spaghetti and garlic bread dinner. Almost the entire floor attended, or at least stopped by at some point. Everyone contributed their cooking expertise, and chatted about weekend activities. It was also Valentine's Day, so chocolates were exchanged, and this only added to the event. The lounge was packed, dinner turned out great, and throughout it all the Olympics were on. Macalester definitely has a strong sense of community, and I think I found my own niche in the Turck 3 family.