Friday, February 26, 2010

President's Day Video

A number of you have probably noticed already (or might remember) how Macalester has quite an interesting sense of humor.

The letters I was sent during my admissions process always stood out from the rest, mostly because of the very awkward but endearing wit that each contained. It told me right from the get-go that Mac isn't just a school full of Type A cutthroats (no offense to anyone, I hope), but instead a college that prides itself both on learning and on a welcoming, open, and relaxed environment.

And this semester, yet again, Mac has shown its fondness and talent for combining insight with whimsy by releasing, on President's Day, a video starring our very own President Brian Rosenberg.

I think it captures the spirit of Mac quite well, and it's amazing how well it does so while being able to poke fun at itself. I don't know how involved college presidents are with the student body in other places, but here at Macalester President Rosenberg has shown that he's as much a part of the Mac community as any student or professor.