Saturday, March 6, 2010

Founders' Day

'ey, it's Founders' Day!

Well, technically yesterday was, but regardless it's an event that I can't pass up the chance to talk about.

March 5th was Macalester's birthday, the day in which its student body and faculty celebrate the people who have made this college what it is. All week long there were speakers and events to commemorate the birth and life of the school, culminating with Friday evenings festivities that centered around a 70's theme (hence my far out get-up!)

Anyone who's curious can see all the goings-on that happened and information about some of the people honored during Founders' Day here: .

As for Friday's fun, the Campus Center was the main hub of celebration. A live band played all night while people danced, sang, ate, and/or checked out some of the stuff that was set up around the building (like Twister, 70's commercials, Atari games, etc.). As a special treat for anyone 21 and over, there was a bar at one side of the cafeteria where students could drink and chat with their professors and other faculty members. A good time indeed!

I kept hearing that this was one event that you didn't want to miss, and often wasn't. As packed as it was, and as much going on as there was, I would have to agree. Any Mac student can look forward to the annual Founders' Day events; there's bound to be something for everyone!