Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mac Will Make Your Head Spin

Or, in some cases, make you physically spin on it:

OK, so I understand this may seem a bit contradictory after my last post about settling into a steady routine, but I tried some new things in the past couple of weeks. Namely, I began to learn how to breakdance. Now, the former gymnast in me said that this was totally doable and would be awesome, but the rhythmless white boy in me told me I would fall on my face. Fortuantely/unfortunately, breakdancing has been so increrdibly fun that I don't actually care whether or not I look like a beached whale while trying (and failing) to hold myself up on one hand and spin.

To the right, a "stab" supposedly an arbitrary name, but really named for the stabbing one gets from digging his or her elbow into supremely unconditioned abs.

Breakdancing is indicative of all of the Mac organizations I am familiar with: it is incredibly supportive environment, it offers oodles of expertise, and the focus is fun and development/ learning. In this case, the whole crew is one big supportive family. Slim, our outside source of breakdance guru, and his collaborator and choreographer extraordinaire Miss Tina, are amazing and enthusiastic teachers. All in all, its a racous good time.

Furthermore, this group was started just this year by a small group of first-years, and has grown exponentially in number, reputation, and popularity. This goes to show that student initiative can go a LONG way in shaping the Mac experience. I truly believe that anybody with a passion can realize that here at Mac. A lot of people come here because they are lured in by an already fantastic environment, but the magic of Macalester is that you can create your ideal environment. Whether that means preaching the virtues of the b-boy/ b-girl/ b-spectrumofgenderidentity lifestyle or something a little different, that opportunity starts here.