Monday, March 29, 2010

Macalester Concert Choir East Coast Tour

With spring break already more than a week behind us it's time to finally document the choir tour that I was able to take part in out east. My name is Tyler Martinson and I am a sophomore from Northfield, MN studying anthropology, linguistics and community and global health. Apart from my studies I also have plenty of time set aside for extra-curriculars -- choir being one of them.
During spring break the choir flew from MSP into JFK in New York. I had never been there before and was thoroughly overwhelmed by just how big New York city really is.
Once we landed in New York we stepped onto a bus, drove the turnpike across New Jersey, and made our way to our first concert at the Presbyterian Church of Dover, Delaware. Here is a wonderful picture of the choir on our bus driving through New Jersey.

The next day, we promptly made our way back to the state of New York and had two concerts at two different schools, Packer College institute in Brooklyn Heights, and White Plains High School in White Plains, NY just out of the city. It was great to be able to show high school students interested in music, and choral arts more specifically, what Macalester had to offer.

That same night we went back to our hotel, the Crowne Plaza on Times Square!

We ate dinner at Rosie O'Grady's, which was a great restaurant and sports bar, and then went to
The Palace Theatre and saw "West Side Story."

Here is a questionable candid picture of me taken by Honza Červenka on our way to the theatre. Since I didn't have a camera myself, this is one of the few pictures I have to offer in order to put my face to my words and add a personal level to the blog.

The theatre was beautiful and the show was great as well. It was choreographed and directed, I believe although I may be wrong, by the original director Arthur Laurents and it was great to see the show more or less how it was originally. An interesting thing about this particular showing was that it is now a bilingual show which was great to see even though I only understand a little bit of Spanish. It made the show more organic and realistic in my opinion.

The next day was a glorious free day in the Big City! It was beautiful weather, in the mid 70's and sunny, so I decided to head over to Central Park which was followed by a greatly anticipated visit to the Natural History Museum. As an anthropology major, and an overall museum fanatic, I was genuinely excited to get a chance to see the Hall of Human Origins and indulge in my odd fascinations with human cognitive and cultural development including language and music.

The following morning was our final concert in New York City. We performed at First Presbyterian Church in Greenwich Village, which was an incredibly pleasant part of town - much different from the bustle of Broadway and Times Square which wasn't very enjoyable in my opinion. Quickly after the concert we were whisked back to the airport to conclude the whirlwind that was Concert Choir Tour 2010. Four days, four concerts and countless amounts of fun, camaraderie and bonding with my favorite people in the world -- Macalester Concert Choir.

On an ending note, I need to thank both Honza Červenka as well as Lorin Leake (both members of the choir) for the use of their pictures. They were very useful and you two clearly worked very hard on them!