Thursday, March 11, 2010

Viva la Housing Draw

It's mid-March at Macalester College, and that means two things: Spring Break is fast approaching (thank the lord) and the housing draw is coming up! This blog has addressed living situations for first-years quite a bit, but Mac has a two year on campus living requirement, and life beyond freshman year does exist.

The way housing for sophomores works is like this: everyone is assigned a random lottery number, and the lower your number the sooner you get to choose where you live. There are ways to get out of this, however. I for one, will be living in the Casa Hispana, donde todos los habitantes tienen que hablar solamente en espanol cuando estan en casa. There are a lot of specialty housing options at Mac, which give students the opportunity to feel a sense of community while fulfilling the housing requirement.

Housing options for First-years:
- Turk: easily the nicest dorm. Sinks in room, yadayadayada.
- Doty: single-gender floors. Pretty standard
- Dupre: aka Duprojects. Really not as bad as people make it out to be.

Specialty Housing:
- All-gender housing: located in a section of Kirk, all-gender housing is a safe-haven for the LGBTQ etc. community as well as those who are allied to the cause.
- The Spanish House: designed for students who want pratice with Spanish before studying abroad.
- The German house: just found out this existed. Presumably for German immersion.
- The Cultural House: The C-house hosts a lot of monthly events like poetry slams, guest speakers, and more. And living there's not bad either from what I hear.
- The Summit house: unofrtunately this is being turned into offices from what I hear, but it's a full on Summit Avenue mansion where students live.
- Hebrew House: The HeHow is not actually for Hebrew speakers, or even Jews, necessarily. MacJews Organization (MJO) holds weekly meetings there.

Regular dorms for sophomores:
-30BigWall aka 30 Mac (clean living), Bigelow, and Wallace.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and, for such a small school, Mac has a seemingly never-ending list of housing options!