Friday, March 26, 2010

Your Godsend

The link above is to a resource that EVERY college student should cherish. Some of you may already know of it...

Everyone I've talked to at Mac concerning this website has either used it and been extremely grateful for it, or not used it and seriously wished they had. For anyone who doesn't know about it, is a website for college students to talk about professors and classes they've had, primarily focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of the professor in question.

A bad professor can ruin any class, no matter how interesting you think the subject matter is. One friend of mine is a major lover of math, but upon taking a calculus class taught by one of the worst professors at Mac (according to ratemyprof, which he didn't use beforehand), he found that he couldn't bring himself to enjoy even a single hour of class. There are all kinds of stories like this floating around campus, so when you get here, don't be shy to ask upperclassmen about their experiences. They would probably love to tell you who the best profs at Mac are.

Most people, inevitably, are going to have a bad professor. It may be by accident, or you may have no other choice if there's a class you need to take. But even some of the professors I've talked to here have said that if they could do college all over again, they would have taken classes with the best professors, no matter what class it was.

As you begin looking at First Year Courses and, later on, the other three classes you'll be taking, I would strongly encourage you to use Some people have ended up with crummy advisers or unpleasant class experiences right off the bat, in their first semester in college.

Don't let yourself fall to the same fate.