Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Avenue Q

If you decide to come to Macalester, definitely take advantage of the many subsidized excursions that the Info Desk at the Campus Center routinely makes available thanks to the Program Board. From shows, to sports events, to movies, these outings provide many opportunities to get off campus and have some fun with friends.

Last night I made use of this wonderful program. I went to the Avenue Q musical touring at the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis along with 49 other lucky Mac students. It was by far the best school/weekday night I've had all year. Luckily I had no work due today, so perhaps that also contributed to my enjoyment of last evening... (I had a paper due and an exam on Tuesday, so all my major assignments were out of the way, phew.) Regardless, the show was absolutely amazing. The tickets for the show, which normally cost from $40-$80, were available to all Mac students for just $12, including public transport. Everything was all taken care of, and made for a really fun time. The jokes were hilarious, the tunes catchy, and the characters engaging--I highly recommend the show. The audience was full of people of all ages (minus young kids of course, due to inappropriate content), which just goes to show how relatable and appealing the show is. And if the themes/humor of the musical ever got boring at any point, the brilliant and creative use of puppets always kept it fresh. I only hope that my awesome Tuesday night doesn't make the rest of the week pale in comparison!