Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Erudite Endings

I know I'm not the most consistent of blog posters (I think this is my third), but I do enjoy soliliquizing in the Orange's hallowed halls every once in a while. Particularly when I get to talk about myself (which, let's be honest, is the entire reason you're reading this, waiting for the day when I decide to post again).

Senior year is drawing to a close. Last week I realized that I was graduating in exactly a month. So that's kind of a party. (But also kind of sad.) I know you're all looking for admission to Macalester, and not even thinking about graduation yet--but since that's what's on my mind, I'm going to chat about the things that happen at the end of senior year.

Most importantly (at least for Joanna and me) is the turning in of the Honors Project. Those of us with a tenuous enough grip on our sanity to participate in the Honors Program have finally finished--last Wednesday, I turned in my 113 page paper to my readers, and am defending it this Friday. I've heard that our Honors defenses are a lot closer to Masters Thesis defenses than those at other schools--and from those that I've been to this year, it seems that may be true. Since I'm planning on continuing on to graduate school, this is good practice for me. So let's hear it for feminine prophetics of the ancient Mediterranean, shall we? No? Just me? Very well.

Other exciting things we do before graduating:
-File an intent to graduate form (seriously. If you don't do this, you don't graduate. What a silly reason to not walk!)
-Revise your major plan (I planned my major sophomore year. It's almost laughable how different it ended up being.)
-Sign up for senior week (more on this to come, when senior week actually happens)
-Pay off all your bills to student accounts (including library fines. Woe unto you if you have overdue library books...*five minutes later*...okay, just turned in the 30 overdue books on my account.)
-Send out graduation invitations (I told my mom that this was silly, and that everyone who was coming knew when it was. My father agreed, saying, "Come on, Nancy! Invitations are SO postcolonial!" I didn't know whether to upset that my father was misusing postcolonialism, or thrilled that he was finally pretending to agree with me in a tiff with my mother.)
-Some other stuff.

Some people also like to figure out what they're doing after graduation, but this is not a necessity. I am lucky enough to have admission to a Masters program at Oxford. Other friends of mine have found full-time non-profit work, and a few are just planning on riding the wave that's building up under us until it takes them ashore someplace. All of these are excellent options.

Okay. I think this is enough for now.