Friday, April 23, 2010

Mac Martial Arts

Since the martial arts club here just put on their annual show, I have to take some time to rave about the club.

As someone who was a part of this show, I have to say that it's nothing but fun! You get to choreograph fights with other martial arts club members, making them as cool as possible, and then perform it in front of a packed Campus Center. And there are no lines to memorize; you just flap your mouth while the lines are read (to mimic bad dubbing).

The people IN the club are wonderful! Unfortunately one of our leaders will be graduating this year. But this just means a new group of people to plan for next year's show and run the whole operation. Despite being trained in all forms of killing people, the martial arts club is nothing but camaraderie and fun.

The club is for anyone, no matter if you have 10 years of experience in a martial art or none. Think of it as a free class with no stress, and a great work out that teaches you how to kick butt! I'll most likely be co-teaching the TaeKwonDo class, but I also plan to take Weapons (yes, you learn how to use cool weapons in this class). I encourage anyone who's even remotely intrigued to try out the club; you're bound to find an art you like. And if you're already a master of one, try learning another!