Thursday, April 8, 2010

Musicorama Weekends

Sorry I've missed some posts the last couple weeks. I have been incredibly busy, but I have a great excuse ... I've working to prepare for the Spring Samplers! All of you who will be visiting will get to see Mac, meet cool people, and wear name tags made by yours truly. I've actually been doing a lot more than make name tags, but you get the jist.

Anyhow, this past weekend was definitely a great time to be a Twin Cities dweller. Not only was the spring-like weather continuing, but there were some seriously world class concerts going on. Starting off with Mac's very own DJ Club bustin' out for us outside the Campus Center all weekend, the last few days have been packed with awesome music.

On Saturday, indie/alternative/whatever band Spoon played at the renowned 1st Ave club in Minneapolis. The very same night, Brazilian guitar legend and social reformer Gilberto Gil played the Minneapolis Orchestra Hall along with his son Bem Gil and cellist Jauques Morelenbaum. Then, to cap it all off, electronic sensation Passion Pit rocked 1st Ave on Sunday night! It truly was quite the lineup. All of this coming on the heels of MacJazz and Concert Choir's combined concert with world-famous pianist Geri Allen? I was salivating for a week.

Bem Gil, Gilberto Gil, and Jacques Morelenbaum

As a bona fide music junkie, this exemplifies exactly the type of urban lifestyle I had hoped for when coming to Mac. While music took the spotlight for me this weekend, arts and culture of all types are definitely a huge component of what the Twin Cities are all about, and Mac students have so many ways to take full advantage.