Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Shuang@macalester-- PF

This week has been super busy for every Chinese student. We have rehearsals for CCC dancing performance and some of us are preparing to head for Ohio to attend the Asian American conference. Always keep in mind that we are here not only for academic reasons but also, and more important, to make ourselves a better, a more qualified people in all aspects.

As an international student, we have our own responsibilities to let the world hear our voice and at the same time, to listen to others' ideas and try to bring them back to China. You will never know how important multiculturalism and internationalism are until you really need them. Macalester teaches all of us to think about it seriously. Though at the very beginning the medication is really painful, because we are foreigners and we don't look like them. We are located in the same place and are exposed to the same information, however, the way we interpret the world around us is just different. Where do we belong to? We are not like those students in China, and we are not like those from the states. This is a confusing and tough question, but really worth thinking. Identity is too substantial to ignore. But trust me, once you make it through you will be given a gift that will benefit you forever. You will know who you are, who you want to become and what you want to pursue for your life. I guess only in such complex situation will people be forced to ponder it. That's why I am so excited to participate in the discussion of the Asian American Meeting. I want to hear, to talk, to understand and to be understood. Liberal arts college is the best place for such kind of personal improvement.

And tomorrow I will host a new admitted student. I cannot wait to tell her how much I have learned from Macalester. Some prospective students are now debating with themselves whether to choose big universities or LAC. I am not saying which is better, but everyone should know which one fits him/her better. And only you can make the right decision. It is the matter about which factor you value most. LAC focuses more on the education of the comprehensive personal improvement while universities tend to emphasize more on the practical skills. And of course, each college is way different from each other. So if you can, pay a visit to Macalester and let us show you our experience!