Monday, June 28, 2010

Minnesota Private College Week!

Minnesota Private College Week was last week! It's a really great week where a bunch of private colleges in Minnesota open their campus up to prospective students for activities. It's a chance to find out the best of what each college has to offer, and holds a special place in my heart because it's where I fell in love with Macalester (a beautiful, sunny Wednesday of 2007's MPC week, to be exact, not that I keep track of that or anything).

Tours went out twice a day, followed by information sessions. Hundreds of people visited campus, and the staff here was really busy making sure everything was going smoothly. My fellow office assistants and I kept track and tried to see who would give the most tours... Diego and I tied for first with nine tours in five days! It was a really fun time, and hopefully people came out of it with a better sense of what Macalester is like.

Of course, while the majority of the tours went off without a hitch, running eight tours at once was a bit of a logistical challenge on such a small campus, and there were a few snafus along the way (isn't that a great word?). I was in the humanities building, for example, and my co-worker Diego opened a stairwell door right into a young man on my tour. Nobody was hurt, thank goodness, and we were able to laugh it off, although I do give Diego a hard time still. :)

Probably my favorite moment of MPC week came on a day where it was raining sporadically. I had walked under a tree and it dripped on me, causing me to put up my umbrella without thinking. After I realized it wasn't actually raining, I laughed it off and down came the umbrella. Literally the second I put it away, there was maybe a ten-second downpour and I got drenched. My tour LOVED that. I tried to keep my composure but I started laughing at how absurd the whole situation was.

There was quite an impressive line of umbrellas after that tour was done...

Although MPC week is over until next year, if you get a chance to visit campus at any time, definitely do it. We're offering regular tours throughout summer!

- Natalie along with the rest of the Admissions student staff (from left, enjoying a quieter day in the office: Evan, me, Percy, Sadie, and Diego)