Wednesday, June 23, 2010

World Cup Festivities

The World Cup is happening, and there's really no place I can think of that I'd rather be to watch it than the Macalester campus (okay... maybe South Africa). Our beloved co-worker and native Ghanaian here in the admissions office (where I work over the summer with four other fantastic students who we'll introduce you to soon), Percy, is preparing for the Ghana match this afternoon and is very much looking forward to it, and there was a whole group of people watching the morning matches at Scotty's juice bar in the Leonard Center. The campus is really getting into the spirit of the game.

For example, on Flag Day at my house, being Macalester students whose favorite of the Four Pillars is arguably internationalism, we decided to do things a little bit differently and make it into a World Cup-themed day. I may not be a good cook, but I can definitely bake, and I have to say I'm quite pleased with the results:

Not gonna lie, I think I'm the most proud of Norway and Uruguay. Ten 'brownie points' (ha, get it? Because they're brownies!) to the one who can name all the countries represented!

Anyway, congratulations to the United States for a great round and good luck against whomever your opponent may end up being! Here's hoping it's not Ghana - something tells me the office cohesion and the friendships that we've formed in the past few weeks wouldn't hold up against such a strong rivalry...