Tuesday, September 7, 2010

If you say-say-say Orientation (Orientation!)...

Classes started today for most people on campus (not me, because my schedule worked out the nicest it ever has), which means that first-year orientation is done. This is sort of a bittersweet thing for me, as I was an OL (orientation leader) and had a great time.

Basically what that entailed was showing a group of 13 awesome first-years the ropes through a series of programs and discussions while having a great time bonding with them and the 50-some other orientation leaders. We went on a retreat to Camp Courage in Maple Lake, MN to all bond before everyone arrived on campus. Through a variety of activities and s'more-making around the campfire, we really got to know one another well and become good friends, which was great.

Once we got back, it was go time! I got to stand with a sign telling people where to turn right at the corner of Snelling and Grand, and got a lot of friendly waves from both parents and random bus drivers and public works employees from the city of St. Paul. From then on, the Orientation Leaders got to go to a lot of great events, like Faces of Mac, the new student Convocation, and Welcome to Your Life at Mac and have a great time making fools out of ourselves publicly... skits included the spirit of Kofi Annan and a well-placed gorilla suit. :)

The best part, however, was meeting my group of first-years and getting to know them and help them figure out campus. While it's true that literally every one of the over fifty OLs bragged about how their group was the best... they were all lying, because it definitely was mine.

Anyways... welcome to Mac, first-years! I've heard nothing but good things about all of you, even if you're still trying to find your way around Cafe Mac.

(P.S. The infamous panini maker is at the end of the salad bar!)