Friday, September 17, 2010

The Nooks and Crannies

After a long summer and two weeks of classes, I'm back to blogging! Yes indeed, for another year I'll be giving you all the advice and fun facts I can about Macalester and what it has to offer you.

Now, usually I would write some grave advice about majors or grades or studying, but I figure I should start out with some helpful advice that's a little more upbeat. So here are the fun little nooks and crannies that I've found around campus, perfect for your work and play needs.

1. Library - Fourth Floor
This is a place for STUDYING. And I don't mean just studying. I mean STUDYING. It's the top floor of the library and is a void of absolute silence. No food, no drinks, and cellphones must be off. For anyone who's dead serious about getting a paper done or finishing some readings, it's nothing short of a windowed vault. But it's not as grim as it sounds either. The quiet can be very nice, not to mention it usually has few people there (and you probably won't notice them anyway). Also, check out the giant face up there.

Yeah. Giant face.

2. Campus Center Cafe - basement
Tucked away next to the Highlander store in the Campus Center basement is something of a cafe. It's equipped with a large T.V., pool tables, a Foosball table, a popcorn maker, and comfy couches. This is a fun place to grab a drink or a bite, relax and have fun, or just sit down and talk. Plus there are occasionally some open mic events down there. Decidedly not the best place to study, but wonderful for everything else.

3. Janet-Wallace Fine Arts Center - Gallery Room
O.K., I'm not sure if that's the official name of the room, but it's pretty easy to spot. Just walk in the front entrance (between the Humanities Building and the Art Building) and you'll see a room with white walls, a statue or two, some plants, and paintings all around. This is a beautiful place that I wish I'd known about sooner. There's a couch in the gallery, so it works wonders as an almost zen-like place to do homework. Just don't fall asleep! (like I've done)

4. Old Main - Fourth Floor
At the top of the Old Main building is something of a lounge, very large and equipped with a butt-load of couches, chairs, and tables. Another good studying place, or somewhere to just escape the general chaos outside. Also, you're near to the Link, which is the bridge connecting Old Main and the library. The Link is open 24 hours and is equipped with tables, lamps, chairs, and vending machines. Very popular for late-night studying sessions or last-minute essays. The only thing it's missing is a bathroom...

5. The Women's and Gender Resource Center and the Info Shop
I'll admit right off the bat that I haven't yet been to either of these two places, so there isn't as much that I can say about them. Located at Kirk, down a set of stairs before you enter the courtyard, you'll find these two places. The Info Shop, I believe, is dedicated to socialist and Marxist literature, and the Women's and Gender Resource Center is aimed more towards subjects pertaining to Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Yet again, a great place to escape and get some reading done. But also check out some of the literature they have; couldn't hurt to increase your socialism repertoire, no?

You'll find your own favorite spots as you explore campus, which I wholeheartedly support. Go out and find any nooks and crannies you can! My friends give me crap for having a bad sense of direction, but there's nothing quite like getting lost somewhere that will let you discover new and wonderful places.

'til next time!