Thursday, October 7, 2010

Music and other such pleasures

So, it's INCREDIBLY nice out today. I got out of my work-study job and immediately just collapsed on Old Main lawn in that stereotypical college pose, sprawled out with my Empirical Research Methods textbook. And then, just to make it more stereotypical, my Rhetoric of Campaigns and Elections professor stopped by to say hello. The trees are ablaze in color, and I'm just loving this day.

I'm also now thinking about the change in my musical tastes since I came to Macalester and all the discoveries I've made... I feel like I can't just pick one band or musical group that is a favorite, because it seems like each semester I pick up a new obsession.

For example, the first semester of my freshman year, I was in love with the album "Perfect Symmetry" by Keane. I remember listening to that song studying for Astronomy while watching it snow. Great times. The semester after that was definitely my Phoenix semester. Sophomore year was defined by The xx and The Temper Trap (who are GREAT in concert).

I'm sort of between phases right now, but I know I'll probably get hooked on someone new really soon. Whether it's Passion Pit or Solid Gold, I'm always getting introduced to something new... which I love.