Monday, October 18, 2010

Music? I thought you'd never ask . . .

In college music abounds.

I thought I was well-versed before I came to Mac, but I quickly learned that I was but a guppy treading water in the shallow end of the vast Musical Pool. There are many aspects of college that one anticipates to be overwhelming- homework, social engagements, extracurricular obligations. Add to that list the outpouring of new music that you'll encounter from roommates, neighbors, friends and the new local scene. My first year of college opened floodgates of new music. I pillaged iTunes libraries, voyaged to concerts for unheard of bands, and scoured the Electric Fetus.

The resulting accumulation is an eccentric collection of which the following is a sampling rendered in anticipation-building countdown style!

5). The funky throw-back stylings of the jazzy Swedish rap group Movits!
This European import is for the aspiring polyglot with a fine taste for retro swing tunes coupled with energetic beats and rapid Swedish lyricizing (a large demographic, to be sure).

4). The sensual electronica of the ethereal-sounding Goldfrapp
Techno beats meet alluring female vocals with songs that alternate between insto-club hits to slower, heartfelt ballads. Good stuff, good stuff.

3). The gritty rap therapy of Twin Cities natives Atmosphere
Representin the 612 alongside the likes of Brother Ali, this Minneapolis group features a unique brand of rap- urban, at times acoustic and constantly expounding on grievances with society. It's a heady dose of music as commentary.

2). The indie-folk-blues fusion of Ray LaMontagne
Now paired with the Pariah Dogs, Ray LaMontagne seduces with a smoky voice and bluesy elements. His latest album with the Pariah Dogs explores a more twangy folk field and was featured by MPR as the CD of the Week.

1). The sheer awesomeness of The Black Keys (okay so a I've run out of inventive things to say)
Nothing quite like some good, old fashioned rock music with drums that slap and electric guitars that squeal all under an umbrella of albums with divergent styles and sounds. The Black Keys keep things interesting and have a marvelous sense of humor-- just peruse their music videos for a sampling.