Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dancing in the Streets (sort of)

Hello all,
This my first ever post so I'm pretty excited. I wanted to post about the amazing dance events going on in the cities this semester that the Dance department has been able to work with. Before I came to Mac I hardly had any dance background. I had taken a few classes in middle school, but they had been mostly social experiences. My sophomore year I decided to take Modern Dance 1 because I thought it would finally force me to get some exercise. I liked it enough to take Modern II and I liked that enough to declare a Dance minor. The dance department is wonderful, and were so welcoming, even with my late start to dance.
This semester has been a great one throughout the twin cities for dance and the Macalester Dance program has been really involved.
Early in the semester Ralph Lemon, a renowned dance/theater artist, performed his first new piece in years at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. I got to go, along with several other Mac theater and dance students, to see his rehearsal, the performance and even to take a master class with him.
Later in the semester Bridgman/Packer a really innovative partnering couple from New York performed at the Ordway in St Paul and I went to a class taught by them in addition to their performance. Bridgman/Packer even visited one of my Cultures of Dance class here at Macalester, and showed some pictures of how they had created their piece.
Getting a chance to meet and work with amazing choreographers is one of the great things about Mac's location. All of our professors have such deep roots in the community even beyond the school and don't hesitate to offer students all the advantages of their experiences. I'm so happy I got the chance to discover nearly half way through my college career my love of dance, and I'm even happier to be part of such and exciting and inclusive dance community.