Sunday, November 14, 2010


As you may or may not have heard, the last few days have graced the St. Paul-Minneapolis area with a lovely blanket of snow, leading the city to even declare a 'snow emergency'. The snow started late Friday night, around 1 am, and was greeted by dozens of enthusiastic Mac students standing on the Dupre lawn in only their t-shirts (crazy!) cheering and yelling.... As students began to wake on Saturday morning-or afternoon, depending on what they'd been doing Friday night :)- the snow continued to fall heavily and did so pretty much all day Saturday.

The first snow is exciting for most students, depressing for others, but this particular Saturday seemed cheerful and carefree as students took advantage of the 6 inches that eventually culminated across campus. Perhaps one of the best parts for me, though, was seeing the snow creations of my fellow students across campus. Snowmen, anyone? Winter is here!