Friday, November 12, 2010

Welcome to Cabaret!

Macalester has a nasty habit of hosting more events than a person can go to. It doesn't help that they're all interesting... Luckily here are some things that hold a higher plane of "must-see"-ness than others. One such event is Cabaret, a theater production directed by Professor Harry Waters, Jr.

Working together with the Music department, Macalester has been able to host this incredible show. Here's just a sample of what to expect.

The music is stellar. The acting is incredible. The four-hour and seven-hour rehearsals seem to have paid off, as even "minor" roles are so involved and fun to watch. In Cabaret you might expect there to be a focal point of action (and there is), but there's also a huge amount of action on the fringes. Everyone has a skill for acting that's certainly made me more inclined to take an acting and performance class.

Comedy, singing, dancing, drama and Nazis; this show has it all. These are the kinds of events you'll find most Macalester students, even the lethargic ones, going to. It's the kind of break you need, and the kind of fun you've earned.