Friday, November 19, 2010

Your favorite prof

As a shameless plug for this:

Scots on the Spot: Who's Your Favorite Professor?

and because we (the bloggers) have only had one question posed to us so far, I am going to ask my fellow comrades in blogging:

Who is your favorite professor?

You can pick someone because they're funny, quirky, intelligent, inspirational... It can be because of a certain class they taught, etc. You can even have more than one favorite prof, if you so choose.

As for me, it's gotta be Prof. Karin Aguilar-San Juan.

Bask in her glory.

One of the many things I've learned from her is that professors, by and large, are very approachable. They can be terrifying at first (she used to break people's bones, and perhaps still does), but take a chance to chat with them and you'll find they're a lot of fun. Karin certainly isn't the stuffy, disagreeable professor stereotype; she cares a great deal about her students and will go the extra mile to help them succeed in class.

One thing she does so well is have her students think about and do things in very different ways than the typical essay or exam. One project was for her Problem of Race in U.S. Social Thought and Policy class, in which she had groups of students go out to University Avenue and explore the area. The assignment took us through Hmong shops, cultural organizations, businesses, and even the capital itself. It was up to the students to ask the questions, and interpret what they saw, heard, and felt. At the end of the day I'd learned more about the city, myself, and concepts of race, livelihood, and general day-to-day life than I ever could have by writing a 10-page essay.

And did I mention she can break people's bones? That's despite her Ph.D.

Artist's rendition.

So fellow bloggers...who is your favorite prof?