Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Winter Ball!

Macalester students huddled for warmth in their formal wear in front of Epic Nightclub last Saturday night when Mac held it's annual Winter Ball. The event was a popular one with a long line outside the two-story nightclub which had been booked for Mac students exclusively. Once inside the impressive venue things heated up with a bustling dance floor at the center of the club. The music was mostly your standard Top 40 types such as "Party in the USA" and "Dynamite"-- though there was a nice indie cameo from Florence and Machine at the beginning of the dance with "Dog Days Are Over."

Upstairs there was ample seating overlooking the dance floor, a chocolate fountain, a cupcake buffet and a bar with all non-alcoholic drinks sponsored by MCSG (Macalester Student Government). After snagging a Shirley Temple and some chocolate-covered strawberries with my roommate completely gratis, I spent most of the night on the dance floor until closing time at 2 AM. The event was an incredible success, with an amazing venue that had quite a different atmosphere from last year's venue at Mill City Museum.

(To check out the venue look at the virtual tours offered on Epic's website: Main Floor, and Second Story Lounge).

Last year's Winter Ball was hosted by a historic site in Minneapolis, what was once a flour mill (until it blew up, that is) and is now a museum that commemorates the old flour mill, with a large venue area that can be rented out for events. Right next to the Guthrie Theater and overlooking the Mississippi (and St. Anthony Falls). Food accommodations were similarly delectable and if one were so inclined to stray to the basement it was possible to get a quick history lesson on the Mill in the form of a large industrial elevator shaft converted into a movie theater that moved throughout the levels of the building, at each floor playing video that illustrated industrial life in Minneapolis in the early 1900s. (The crumbling facade is where the explosion took out much of the factory).

From Mill City Museum to Epic Nightclub, the Program Board has done a stand-up job of finding excellent venues for one of the college's largest and most-anticipated events.