Friday, April 1, 2011

The Beginning of April

So today I arrived 3 minutes late to my Biodiversity and Evolution class, I needed to buy a muffin for breakfast first. Our professor, Kristi Curry Rogers, was passing out sheets of paper. She was announcing a pop quiz. Then I heard the worst possible phrase a professor can say come out of her mouth, "If you've done all the reading you'll be fine." Don't get me wrong, I'm a good student, but I was planning on doing the reading this afternoon.

To my dread, the quiz was a cladogram, something only AP biology student might know about, and we had to label evolutionary traits for sponges among other unkonwn organisms. I have no idea how sponges evolved and frankly I'm still surprised they're an animal. Anyway, after staring at it for a few very stressful minutes, Kristi asked how the class was doing. Then she said, "April Fools!"

That was incredibly awful. But one better was at the end of class. Usually we go over an orgamism of the week and their adaptive traits, evolutionary history, etc. Today the organims was a student in our class, his scientific name, Percivius Grifinius (Percy Griffin).

Kristi described his early development, accompanied by a powerpoint slide of a childhood picture of Percy. She went over his varied interests: Sidney Sheldon books and Lil Wayne. Then she went on to argue that he is proof that evolution isn't always an improvement by showing more pictures from his facebook, like the one above. In the end, Percy was entirely embarassed and the class had an awesome April Fool's Day.