Tuesday, November 29, 2011


In early October the Occupy movement came to Minneapolis, MN in the downtown Government district where the protesters re-christened the People’s Plaza and began an occupation that continues today. The protests have drawn a lot of attention from Mac students, many of whom have trickled down to the plaza at some point to watch a rally, participate in a General Assembly or take up a sign and march. A student group on campus, Occupy Mac buses students down to the Occupy site for some of the movement’s bigger planned events and a few students are really dedicated, donating their time to help administer first aid to the protester, should it become necessary.The following video is a compilation of a few Macalester students' viewpoints of the OccupyMN movement.

An article for the Twin Cities Daily Planet about my impressions of the OccupyMN movement describes some of the activity of the first few days in early-mid October. Currently the protesters are enjoying an uncharacteristically long spell with no snow on the ground, but winter is coming and their biggest challenge now is weatherizing their encampment and appealing to city officials for the right to pitch their tents.