Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Naturally Finding Friends First Year

The first thing that my best friend at Mac and I bonded over was our names. My name, Heather, isn’t that out of the ordinary, but it’s not every day that you meet someone else whose name is related to plant life. (For those non-plant enthusiasts out there, heather is a pinkish-purple flower that grows in Scotland and England.) When I walked down the hall to my room on the first day of orientation I noticed that the door across from me had the name “Iris” on it. So, naturally (ha!), I wanted to meet the girl behind this name tag.

Lucky for me, Iris was in my First-Year Course, so I got a chance to talk to her almost right away. It also helped that her and my roommate were already friends, since they were in the same orientation group. And, you know, the small detail that our doors are two steps apart.

It turned out that not only had she also noticed I had a “flower” name, but we had other, more substantial, things in common as well. We’re both from the West Coast, and it’s nice having someone who can identify with some little west coast things. Don’t get me wrong, Southern California and Oregon have their differences, but we do still share some experiences. Like on the day of the Superbowl, I was wondering to myself why it felt weird that the game overlapped with dinner. It took Iris’s genius to make me realize that it was because I was used to living in a time zone two hours earlier than the Midwest, meaning kick-off at home was in fact earlier than 5:00 pm. Or, when the first snow happened and my Midwest friends were completely unfazed (okay, granted, there wasn’t very much snow and the snow didn’t stick, so I guess they had reason to be underwhelmed), I went screaming to Iris and we both jumped around in excitement about the whopping four snowflakes that had fallen. (When the first “real” snow happened we also had an epic snowball fight, but that’s a whole other story.)

Because we had our FYC together, when I needed someone to rant with about the paper we had to write, Iris was there. And on the weekends, when neither of us was very keen on the idea of doing work, we would spend time together watching our favorite television shows or going into Minneapolis. We share stories, talk about our friends back home, and have had many an impromptu heart to heart in the hallways of Turck 3.

Needless to say, we’ve gotten pretty close. We’ve had many laugh attacks on walks back to our dorm from dinner, or just in the hallway, where I end up hyperventilating, we both end up on the floor, and our hall thinks we’re crazy. We’ve taken to calling certain things “Iris and Heather problems” as we seem to just run into the same problems all the time and we’ve already had lots of fun times. We’re planning on rooming together next year and I know that whether we take similar classes or not, we’re bound to have lots more crazy adventures in the coming years.

- Heather Renetzky '15