Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Singing Valentines

Happy week-after Valentine's Day!

This video, by Jamie Lucarelli '13 and Kyle Rosenberg '13, showcases one of my favorite Macalester traditions. For $5, anyone can buy a singing valentine from either the Sirens or the Trads, Macalester's female and male a capella groups. It's grueling for the groups - the Sirens did around 40 valentines this year - but it's great to see them happening all over campus. Some students buy them for their significant other, but the vast majority are for friends - lots of people even buy them for their professors! They are usually a complete surprise for the recipient, which adds to the fun.

Along with my co-workers, I bought my first singing Valentine this year for my supervisor here at Admissions, Anne Walsh - I wish I had a video of the Sirens singing her "Total Eclipse of the Heart."

- Diego Ruiz '12