Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Winter in the Cities

Every year, I have spent the entirety of winter break staying with my parents. It makes a nice change of scenery, and gives me a chance to spend time with friends from high school. However, this year, with my imminent graduation hanging over my head, I decided to came back to the cities early during break and spend some time interning. Macalester's winter break is long, about six weeks, so there is plenty of time to complete a project, travel abroad, or do an internship. I ended up spending the month of January interning at the Minnesota Children's Museum.

And yes, it is as great as it sounds. As a senior history major I have been taking classes on public history, and how displays and exhibits are created over the past few years, so I wanted the chance to spend sometime behind the scenes in a real, bustling museum. As and added bonus when I toured the institution during my interview I started having great flashbacks to the Children's Museum from my early years, the Boston Children's Museum. Both facilities had a beautiful life size supermarket. I still have no idea if my early Children's Museum experiences is the reason why I love food shopping or not.

The staff at the Children's Museum are incredibly diverse, drawn from all age groups and backgrounds. They are without exception friendly, helpful and interesting people. This internship is not just grabbing coffee or making copies. The museum has a highly developed internship program that lets interns get real experience, which is great. I was able to get experience applicable to my major and have fun doing it!