Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Decisions, decisions, decisions

As the year comes to a close (how is it possible that I’m saying that already?!), there are lots of decisions to be made. Who to room with, what to do this summer, what classes to take next year, the list goes on. It can all be a little overwhelming, but it’s also really exciting.

Room draw was a few weeks ago, which consisted of lots of nervousness and anticipation. Right before Spring break, the buzz began about housing as everyone tried to figure out who to room with, where to live next year, etc. There were lots of questions to think about: Do you really want to room with your best friend, or are your sleeping habits more compatible with someone else? Are you more suited for a single or a double (or maybe something else entirely)?

I decided to room in a triple next year with two of my friends from my floor. We all have a tendency to go to sleep super late and don’t mind a little bit of a mess, so we figured it would be a good match. I know a good number of people who have chosen to room with their current roommate which goes to show you that your roommate scenario will work out next year.

When the date came for room draw, my friends and I camped out in the campus center (ha!) during the time we had to register, since that’s where ResLife is located. (We figured ResLife could help us if we ran into any problems…which…by the way…we totally didn’t).

As we counted down the seconds until we could register, we kept refreshing the page and holding our breath that we’d get the room we wanted. When we finally got to hit the submit button on our room, we all cheered (and okay, maybe screamed a bit). We are crazy excited about our room next year and we’ve already started talking about what posters and quotes we want to put up on our walls.

Once room draw was over, it was on to thinking about courses. Looking at the courses for next semester, one of my biggest problems was that I just wanted to take EVERYTHING. There are courses with titles like “Goddess and Ghosts: Images of Women in Chinese Culture and Literature” and “Science, Magic and Belief in the Early Modern Atlantic.” (And of course, there are also some of your more “standard” courses like “18th Century British Literature” and “Principles of Econ.”)

With respect to courses, I figured out a couple of things while thinking about registration. First of all, I’m a sophomore by the registrar’s standards, since some of my AP credits transferred, so I got to register earlier than I would have otherwise. (So, yes, there is a point to all of those APs! )

I eventually decided to take this semester to focus on my (recently declared!) major, psychology, so I’m taking a few psych courses and Elementary Spanish I, since I have to work on fulfilling my language requirement. Lucky for me, turns out that I’ve fulfilled some graduation requirements without even knowing it! I checked the other day, and to my surprise, I’d already fulfilled my Natural Science and Math requirement. Who knew? I was ecstatic at this discovery because it gives me even more room to explore some of the classes that Mac has to offer. Which, let me tell you, is a total blessing, since there are honestly so many courses that look interesting.

I’ve even managed to learn some new things while reading through the class descriptions. Like, apparently 1 out of every 8 Americans is from California—go figure! (I’m from California and I didn’t know this).

You never know what discoveries you’ll make while looking for courses. For all of you out there that have decided on Mac for next year, you have a lot to look forward to. I keep running into First Year Courses in the course schedule and they look seriously awesome. Now if only I could get my timeturner working….

By Heather Renetzky '15