Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Humorous Side of Creativity

 It's not just a prank: it's developing creativity!

At Macalester, you will take classes that will change the way you look at the world and expand your social horizons by meeting amazing people. This is great because college is a time for growth in many areas, including academics and your social life.

But in addition to these things, college is also a time to develop creativity. For example, you will learn to be creative when it comes to finding cheap food, combating procrastination, increasing productivity (, and having fun.

In my own experience, one great way to have some creative fun is to play pranks on my roommate. Whenever one of us goes off campus for a few days (fall/spring break, holidays, etc.), the other conspires with our friends to ensure a surprising and amusing return to the dorm room. We constantly try to one-up each other, and the pranks always result in a good laugh. Examples include:

- Making a life-size sculpture of a human out of stale bread and placing it on my roommate's bed
- Completely rearranging so that everything is on opposite sides of the room (even switching closets)
- Kitten bombing (Covering the room with pictures of kittens)
- Wrapping the desk and bed with newspaper
- TP-ing

 This one took a while to clean up...

If pranking isn't quite your style, there are many other ways to develop your creativity at Macalester. Try creative combinations in Cafe Mac, go on adventures around the Twin Cities, join an org and get involved in projects or events, and find new study spots. As a first year student, the newness of college life can be a little overwhelming at times. I have found that thinking outside the box and trying new things is an excellent way to feel comfortable in a new environment. Even something as simple as getting off campus and discovering a great coffee shop can make Macalester and the surrounding area feel like home. There are a lot of resources and exciting opportunities here at Macalester, so make the most of your time here; explore, learn, and have fun!

- Ashley Mangan '14