Friday, September 28, 2012

Back at Mac

First Year Snow Adventures
August 16 had been circled on my calendar since December. After nine months of being dispersed around the world, my soccer teammates and I were all together again in St. Paul. Though the next morning would be filled with sprints, lifts, ice baths, and all the other joys of pre-season soccer, for one evening nothing filled our minds except the pure happiness of being back together.

It’s hard to explain the emotions of being reunited with my friends after a semester and summer apart. With only massively long email threads to keep us connected over the last nine months, there was so much to catch up on. Sitting cramped together in a hot off-campus house felt no different from the final night we’d spent together last December, except maybe for the absence of sleep deprivation from finals. Looking around the room, amidst the laughing and hugging, I felt a sense of calm spread over me. It felt like home.
Women's Soccer Team
Celebration Sophomore Year 

Having attending Macalester for three years and now working in Admissions, I can easily recite a list of reasons why Macalester is wonderful: the location, the facilities, the opportunities—the list is never-ending. But it will always be the people that truly make Macalester wonderful. The question that haunted me at the start of my first year, “Why am I in Minnesota right now?” has long since faded. The friendships, connections, and experiences both on and off campus have transformed Macalester from a school into a home. Although the fall of my senior year may be a little early to become nostalgic about Macalester, freshman year seems far away and graduation too close for comfort.
Apple Picking Junior Year

This post may be corny and mushy, but when I was asked to write about something important to me at Mac, my friends were the natural response. The fact that all these awesome people from all over ended up in Minnesota because of Macalester will always amaze me.

—By Alyssa Markle ’13