Thursday, October 11, 2012

How To Survive a Minnesota Winter

I bike to school every morning and the past couple mornings it's been cold. Relatively cold, that is. If these temps hit in March, we'll all be playing frisbee barefoot in sundresses. But it's not March, it's October, and the temp is hovering between 35 and 40 degrees in the early morning. My body isn't acclimated yet, and it might as well be 300 below. 

So I've been doing some thinking about things that get me through the winter each year, and came up with the top five. 

#1: My hot water bottle. Generally I fill it with hot water right before bed, and stick it down by my feet. Once it's warm at the bottom of my bed, I like to wrap it around my head like a nice warm (rubber) hat. Sometimes when I'm home alone, I put it inside my sweater, although I'm also a fan of just curling up in a ball around it. It's a fab solution for a college kid who can't afford heated floors, heated keyboard, heated towel racks, or...let's face it...heat. 

#2: Balaclava. Ideal for winter biking and bank robbing. 

#3: Soup or Stew of any variety. You warm your insides, your hands (just hold the bowl), and your soul. Bonus: pour any extras in your hot water bottle for an extra toasty time. 

#4: Vigorous exercise necessitated by presence of snow. Truly, there's nothing quite as exhausting--and thus warming--as trudging through snow you haven't bothered to shovel yet. (pictured below: me on my way to school). 

I suppose this category could also include warmth generated by laughing really hard as you watch people fall over on snow and ice. (Really, ladies, just put the heels away till spring). 

#5: The sheer beauty. Ok, yes, this is super cheesy. But winter is, in my humble Midwestern opinion, the most breathtakingly beautiful season. The white sparkliness of it all gets me every time, and literally warms my heart.