Monday, October 15, 2012

Out and About in the Twin Cities

What a weekend!

I had a friend from my home state of Arizona visiting, and since she was unaccustomed to wearing multiple layers and close-toed shoes, we had to stay active.

On Friday, we went to the Blue Door to celebrate a classmate’s birthday (and to eat some amazingly delicious burgers and cheese curds... welcome to Minnesota!).

Then on Saturday morning, after giving an admissions tour, a bunch of people came over to our house and we all cooked brunch together. It was a great way to start the weekend off, while melding my home and Mac friend groups. Afterwards, we decided to venture out into the drizzly afternoon to visit the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

I highly recommend a visit—they have every collection imaginable, from Impressionism to Korean ceramics to contemporary works, and a neat photo exhibition that documents photographers’ encounters with foreign subjects and lands. A lot to take in, but a great way to spend an afternoon.

Since we were in the neighborhood, we wandered over to Electric Fetus (funny name, awesome record shop). You can purchase CDs and vinyl there, along with concert tickets and a whole array of funny knickknacks. We spent a few hours just browsing the shelves—finding new music is the best.

Important to note: We took the bus to all of these locations. The Twin Cities have a handy public transportation line, which allowed my friend to see parts of both cities that we normally would not have visited. And it’s always fun to ride the bus with zombies (Saturday night was the annual Zombie Pub Crawl in the Twin Cities, and there certainly were some amusing costumes on public transit).

After a scenic walk up Summit Avenue to look at all my dream houses, we decided to head back home. The night ended with making dinner with my housemates and watching The West Wing.

There are so many things to do in the Twin Cities. I know, sometimes it’s hard to break out of the Macalester bubble and explore. There are clubs and Cafe Mac and papers to write (yuck) on campus. But put down the books for an afternoon and go out on an excursion. It’s so worth it.

—Lillie Carlile ’13