Monday, November 19, 2012

Mission: Global Ambassadors

There is a theory known as Six Degrees of Separation which states that we are linked to every single person in the world through only six connections. Just six! The power of networking is often underestimated, but much can be accomplished simply by people talking to one another, and these people spreading the message in turn.  This is a comforting thought as the Global Ambassadors Program sets forth on its mission to build a global network of Macalester people.

Macalester has global ambitions despite the fact that the student body hosts only 2,000 students on a five by two block area. We hope to expand our community beyond these borders by building an active international network of Macalester people. This is our challenge as Global Ambassadors, and we gladly take it on! This program has been launched by the Admissions Office in order to build on the existing network of Macalester students, faculty, and alumni that are around the world.

The primary goal of our network is to reach out to prospective international students and connect them to current students from their home countries as well as students studying outside of the United States. We know that it can difficult to get a feel for the Mac community so far away from campus and we believe that a personal interaction can make all the difference.

Global Ambassadors is led and run by Mac international students. We (Luiza, Jingjing and Vincent) will use this blog to introduce you to life at Macalester, to give you a first-hand insight into events and groups that might be of your interest. If you are an international student looking into Macalester, this blog is for you!

Vincent is a tall Dutch junior who will probably end up on Wall Street even though he calls himself an ‘artist’. Luiza is a Brazilian sophomore interested in Political Science who spends most of her time at Mac drumming with the African Music Ensemble and eating plants. Jingjing is a first year from China who is torn between starting her own restaurant and making documentaries.

We are your Global Ambassadors team, and we are looking forward to bringing Macalester from the Twin Cities to wherever you are right now.

So let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or doubts about the meaning of life, if you have existential problems, or if you want to know more about Macalester. In the meantime we hope that our posts will inspire you on your quest to enlightenment.

Vincent Siegerink ‘14, Luiza Montesanti ‘15 and Jingjing Yang ‘16