Monday, November 5, 2012

The Chaos that is Senior Year

         Well its official, I have Senioritis. I self-diagnosed the disease about a month ago, after beginning the arduous process of applying for post-graduation jobs.  And while I know that applying for jobs in October sounds insane, I have friends who were already setting up their post-grad plans in July.
         Initially, the idea of planning my future months in advance was invigorating. I had purpose, drive, I was going to apply to a thousand jobs! Before I knew it however, I was bogged down in school papers, quizzes, and group projects. My pace has slowed down considerably, and I have a near daily battle deciding whether I should place more importance on my homework, or look for more entry level jobs. I came to the realization that I have never valued time like I have this year. I have NEVER been this busy.  As a Chinese Language and Culture major I have been often told my career opportunities are endless, but I have found that finding an entry level job is easier said than done.
       After talking with some of my senior classmates, I get mixed feelings about our looming graduation. I can completely understand these mixed emotions, because even though I am stoked to start my future career, I love college and the fast lifestyle it offers. For right now I have a sense of urgency about my graduation plans, but I also know why so many older people always tell me to enjoy every second I have in college. So for the moment, I will continue to scour, but will be sure to get out on the town this week too. It’s all about balance.