Friday, January 18, 2013

Frost & Free Time

Mac students have a 6 week winter break, from mid-December to the end of January. What, you ask, do students do with all of that time? Well, here is one Mac senior’s experience.

After experiencing the jubilee of handing in my senior International Studies capstone, I hopped a plane back to home sweet home: sunny Arizona. While the first snows of Minnesota winters are beautifully peaceful, being able to return home to thaw out and lay in the sun is a definite benefit of hailing from the Southwest. The following weeks were spent eating lots of burritos, running around town with some close friends, and catching up on many TV shows. 

But now I’m back in the Twin Cities for J-term, and enjoying every minute of it. I’m an intern at Minnesota Internship Center, a small charter high school in Minneapolis. The school serves low-income students, and I work with the Health Advocacy Coordinator to make sure that students’ health needs are being met. It’s a challenging experience in many ways, but so interesting to spend time with the students and staff. When I’m not at MNIC, I spend time giving tours for the Admissions Office (shameless plug: come visit Mac and meet the wonderful tour guides!)

On the side, I’m learning to cook, experimenting with new recipes, having lots of wonderful group dinners with the friends who are also back for J-term, and reading lots of non-school-related books. (Also, filling out job and fellowship applications, but that’s the least exciting part, so let’s not trouble ourselves with those worries!) Oh, and of course, using Netflix to the fullest extent.